Internet of Things

We will help you understand their languages.

Data holds potential to reduce cost, boost productivity, as well as seize the untapped opportunities. Every machine holds their data. However until you take the data out from its shell, you will not able to exploit the immerse value that it holds.
Rapidsense helps you to get a flying start in Industrial 4.0, by simplifying the whole development complexity into near zero. The solution comes with a pre-built basic functionalities needed in Industrial IoT landscapes, thus allowing you to reap the benefits of Connected Factory without the needs to reinvent the wheel.

Ore-configured end-to-end solution to predict the point at which a failure is likely to occur.

The solution can be implemented in factory floors, where customers are using system-readable machines.

Primary Features

  • Alert Management System
  • Machine Learning for Prediction
  • Statistical Dashboard & Analytics

There are a lot of problems in increasing factory productivity, such as :

  • Lack of visibility into factory floors.
  • Loss of productivity due to inefficiency.
  • Production lines operating in silos.
  • No historical data kept for analysis.
  • IOT system are complicated to build.

Rapidsense is capable to connect to your machine through OPC-UA protocol and display the machine data instantly. This solution enables you to view the data in various chart model, giving alert based on threshold, running time-series chart, keep historical data, and provide you with the statistics to help you make better decision.

In the digital era, even the smallest competitive advantages matter.

controlling distribution assets
Prescriptive Analysis

Change you maintenance behaviour from reactive to proactive through prediction.

monitoring and taking action
Historical Statistics

Data from the past are used to improve and plan the future.

route management
Real-Time Visibility

Factory floor and machine can be real-time monitored using connected system.

territory management
Anomaly Detection

Compare the time-series data from time to time, detect the anomaly and analyze it.

The first version of Rapidsense supports OPC-UA, the most popular protocol for factory machines. The solution uses the OPC-UA Pub/Sub specification to deliver telemetry data to the Rapidsense cloud. The solution also has OPC-UA client that is integrated into web application to connect seamlessly to OPC-UA servers. Every Rapidsense features are available on subscription basis, bring your early capital investment down to near zero. This allows you to reduce the risk in implementing the Industrial 4.0 inside your factory.