Simplest tool to use, helps simplify your daily operation to the most!

Automated Process

No more admin and paperwork

BOSNET Distribution automates many daily processes commonly done at a depot in a distribution company. It provides functions that reduce many tasks to just one click. Let us look at two processes that starts daily distribution operation.

First is to create visit list. With one click, only one click a day, visit lists for all your salesman for the day are created where in each list completely intact are the visit sequence, outstanding payments and sales target for all the customers in the list. Just one click, so simple!

Secondly, the salesman needs to take the visit list. Again, just one click for each salesman per day, the visit list and all the data needed by the salesman to perform daily tasks will be downloaded to the PDA. All electronic data, absolutely no papers. The salesman can the data, no admin necessary.

Guided Application

Pointing salesman to the next task

When in operation performing daily tasks, your salesman will visit your customers in sequence based on the visit list downloaded out the PDA. At arrival time in an outlet, the salesman will take out the PDA and open the mobile application.

It is a guided application which will point the salesman to the next task to be done. With simplicity build in to the application design, it is easier for a salesman to learn and use the mobile application.

Zero Data Entry

Just upload, no more data entry

After finishing issues daily tasks, the salesman will be guided to upload the results data. It is just as simple, one click! And, all the results data will be uploaded to the server. No admin work for data entry at all.

The salesman can do it on the way to see the cashier before depositing cash received today from sales and collection tasks. At the cashier, only salesman name is needed to bring up the cash receipt form, already filled out with the data uploaded earlier. If all the cash and products are settled, with one click all transactions will be posted. Also no data entry required, so simple!


  • Maximum operation speed
  • Move focus from administration tasks to controlling
  • Increase administration capacity to handle much bigger operation
  • Reduce support calls from regions significantly


Take control of your route and use it to drive sales effectively

bosnet route management

Route Building

Visualize your distribution coverage

Building a route with BOSNET Distribution is simple. Typically, a depot will be put in the center of the distribution coverage. Then, define areas where each area has outlets serviced by a salesman. An area can also be serviced by a salesman from different product team, such as snacks or personal care. Then, divide the area into routes for a particular day and fill each route with outlets. All done, so simple!

Salesman Rotation

Outlets should belong to depot!

Switch your salesman from one area to another with ease. No need to rebuild the existing route at all and your salesman should be easily adapt to the new area. Therefore, as they should be, the outlets are belonged to the depot not the salesman. You can rotate your salesman but your distribution area division can remain the same.

Product Focus Assignment

Team product focus for your customers

In BOSNET Distribution, route is also organized by team. Each team will have must-have-skus or product focus assignment So, in order to update must-have-skus for the customers, just update must-have-skus for the teams. So simple!

Daily Route Improvement

Make your route works on the field

Your salesman knows the shortest route, and naturally, they always look for the shortest route. And, they will always beat any route engineering software to get to the most effective route. So, the key here is how to keep improving your route by getting feedback from your salesman daily. Using BOSNET Distribution, with only one click, you can update the next planned salesman route based on the route taken today. Just one click, so simple.

Route Overhaul

Platform to reform your route

After awhile, based on strategy changes, route reformation shall be performed. The salesman route can be merged or broken down. Usually, the process to do route reformation can take a lot of time, while the current (active) route is needed by operation, with no disruption. For route overhaul, our solution is to let you use Draft Route, separating it from the Active Route currently used by operation, to do the route reformation.


  • Route belongs to company
  • Better route everyday
  • Improve customer confidence, thus would widen the distribution area
  • Reduce fraud by enabling salesman rotation
  • Daily route generation


Simple to use feature to help you manage your delivery

Delivery Group

Simple tool to manage your delivery

To avoid collusion between the salesman and the driver, you must not group them in a particular area of distribution. You have to be able to assign any drivers to deliver the salesman’s sales orders. For that, BOSNET Distribution provides Delivery Group function. Before using it, your Delivery Admin should pick up a list of unassigned drivers, randomly or orderly, for delivery. And then, select the list of sales orders that needs to be delivered. After that, the application will automatically match the outlets with the same delivery group. When the truck capacity is full, then use the same steps for another driver. Repeat the steps until all sales orders are set for delivery.


Valuable service for your customer

BOSNET moDis can use many means of connection to allow the salesman to submit order directly from the field. And, BOSNET DFS can generate one delivery plan for a driver from the orders taken by several different salesman. Thus, you can get your order from several salesmen in the morning and then the products can be delivered in the afternoon by a driver within the same delivery group with those salesmen.

Distribution Center Delivery

Enable delivering order from your DC

When you have customers placing large quantity order, the most effective way is to have the orders delivered directly from your Distribution Center. It saves cost and time this way when compared to having them delivered from the depot.

To support this delivery model, BOSNET Distribution provides a way to assign a flag called “Deliver from DC” to a non-taking order customer. So then, when non-taking order customers place sales orders, delivery orders will be issued to your Distribution Center to have the products delivered to the customers.


  • Prevent manipulation between salesman and driver
  • Increase service level by doing same-day-delivery
  • Speed up delivery process by doing bulky delivery
  • Saving time and cost by delivering directly from DC
  • Increase availability


Designed to help your operation to reach zero fraud

Depot Settlement

Bulky crosscheck transactions all at once

At your depot, hundreds maybe even thousands of transactions occur each day. Usually small amount transactions but so many. To cross check all the transactions one by one without a tool can be a never ending task. Thus, this is a loophole in operation that usually triggers manipulation. BOSNET Distribution feature, Depot Settlement, is provided to cross check transactions between warehouse, cashier, sales and collection – all at once in bulky. Just one click, the application will determine which transactions are already settled or yet unsettled. So simple!

Daily Closing

Enforcement to tidy up operation

In order to secure all daily closing transactions from any changes which can also trigger manipulation, BOSNET Distribution provides a feature that enforces Daily Closing. Unless closing is done today, no new single data entry is allowed for the next day. Once daily closing is done, all settled transactions can not be changed anymore. This feature will drive salesman, driver, cashier and warehouse organization to tidy up its operation.

AR Control through AR Class

Prevent taking orders over a credit limit

The main purpose of AR Control is to prevent customers to place an order when their total amount of transactions have reached their credit limit threshold. BOSNET Distribution features three types AR control : by AR amount, AR overdue and number of open invoices. Furthermore, it provides another feature called AR Class which allows you to have different credit limit for different product category.

Additionally, in case of new products launch, it also provides a feature that allows you to apply longer term-of-payment. Finally, it provides AR Aging Graphical Report that makes control become so simple.


  • Zero fraud can be achieved
  • Enforcement to tidy up operation
  • Healthier cash flow
  • Speed up distribution and availability of new products
  • Clearer view to overall AR health


Comprehensive yet simple to set pricing configuration

Price Catalog

Complete standard price model

When setting price, there are combination of things to consider, usually Per Item Price, Discount and Product Bonus. The combinations of these three things, put into one will become a price catalog. This price modeling is used in the Price Catalog feature of BOSNET Distribution. It allows you to create many different catalogs such as Modern Trade Price Catalog, Back to School Price Catalog, or West Java Price Catalog, all at one single place.

Additionally, it allows you to combine several price catalogs to form Multi Level Discount or Bonus. Once a price catalog is set and tested, then you can assign it to a customer group. This is the standard assignment, one price catalog for one customer group. There are two other types of assignment available in BOSNET Distribution.

Price Matrix

Price for combination of customer groups

The price matrix feature of BOSNET Distribution allows you to assign price catalog to combination of customer groups . For example, one combination can consist of West Java (grouped by Sales Region), Modern Market (grouped by Customer Category) and Snacks (grouped by Product Category).

Qualification Based Price

Price for customers with qualified condition

BOSNET Distribution features Qualification Based Price which allows you to define groups of customers, such as Potential Customers or Large in Sale Customers, each with unique qualification by defining different formulas. Then, the application will automatically assign the price catalog to each customers according to their qualification. No need to assign manually such as in standard or price matrix.

Forward Pricing

Plan your new price with comfort

Setting price for many customer groups and product categories may take days up to one week. After that, the price setting has to be tested to ensure all the settings are done correctly. This process takes time! Therefore, in BOSNET Distribution, we provide Forward Pricing feature so that you can set and test the new price long before the effective date comes.

Uniform Price Engine

One price engine, one for all

Price calculation is one of the application function that usually holds extreme complexity. And, the complexity increases when it needs to be duplicated in a PDA. To have two price engines with extreme complexity, it is almost impossible to guarantee that both will produce the exact same price calculation result all the time. In BOSNET Distribution, there is only one price engine which can be utilized by BOSNET DFS and BOSNET moDis.


  • Win more competition
  • Control discount and bonus from manipulation
  • More reliable price setting
  • More trust from customer
  • Speed up field operation


Enabling your system to reach further up to the field operation

We have five types of mobile application: taking order sales, canvass/van sales, merchandiser, delivery, and supervisor.

No more admin work

Eliminating data entry and recap

BOSNET moDis plays an important role for you to have the simplest operation. With only one click, all the results data will be uploaded to the server. No administrative work for data entry at all. And, the system will do the recap. So simple!

On-the-field Order Submission

Making the same-day-delivery workable

BOSNET moDis can use many means of connection to allow the salesman to submit order directly from the field. This feature allows you you to provide same-day-delivery service for your customers. As soon as an order is completed, with just one click the order will be sent away for further process.

Check In Check Out

Ensure your salesman visiting outlets

This Check In Check Out, in short CICO, is provided in BOSNET moDis to make sure your salesman visits the outlets in the call plan. For that purpose, it utilizes two types of validation. First, time-stamp validation. It is done simply by saving the date and time when the salesman press a menu button, Start Visit or End Visit. Secondly, the locationstamp that utilizes GPS and barcode system. The salesman has to locate a customer card for validation with this system.

On the Field Guide & Control

Increase field operation excellence

BOSNET moDis, not only it is a guided application which provides field guide for the salesman, it also provides field control. Here we present two features for field guide. First is the menu that guides activities of the salesman when visiting an outlet from counting stock to printing a receipt. Secondly, the Sales Reminder which will automatically remind the salesman when some products are not yet offered or below the sales target for the outlet. Also presented here are two features for field control. First is AR Control which will not allow the salesman to do a transaction when a customer still has credit problems, for example if the customer has AR overdue or credit overlimit. If customers still want to order, the salesman can take cash payment for the AR overdue or getting the credit back below the limit. Secondly, it is Price Control. With this feature, all price calculation will be done by the application. Thus, the salesman can not change price, discount or bonus. This feature helps ensuring the customers get their entitled discount and bonus. Additionally, it will raise customer confidence to the company because the price is automatically calculated by the application.

Market Visibility

Optimize your distribution performance

BOSNET moDis eliminates data entry because all the data entered in the field can be simply uploaded to the server with only one click. This capability opens the opportunity to provide two kinds of survey to gain deeper market visibility. First, the Distribution Performance Survey is a combination of transaction data and product availability. To get product availability data is so simple, the salesman enters a number “zero” when a product stock in the outlet is none and a number “one” when it is still available. However, that data will enable you to gain visibility of your depot distribution performance. Thus, making it easier to control overall distribution performance of your distribution company to achieve optimum performance. The second kind of survey is a General Survey which can be used to conduct internal survey by mobilizing hundreds maybe even thousands of salesmen that a distribution company usually have. Just make sure the questionnaire is simple enough so that it does not take much of the salesman time away from the main tasks. For example, you can conduct a product placement and visibility in an outlet.

market visibility

Connection Down Backup

Connection Down Backup

Keep your sales operation running

Nowadays, most of depots are online with the headquarter using WAN connection. However, none of the connection provider can guarantee 100% SLA. So, there will be some connection down time between a depot and the headquarter. You do not want your depot operation is disrupted due to connection down. So, BOSNET Distribution is designed to have a Connection Down Backup. It provides moDis Connector that one of its functionality is to connect BOSNET moDis to the central server at the headquarter. moDis Connector other functionality is for downloading and uploading data from and to the PDA. Thus, the PDA that the salesman use only correspond with moDis Connector, not directly to the central server. As long as the moDis Connector is running, the sales operational is running, even when the WAN connection is down. This feature also includes a function to pack the salesman call plan into one file. The file then can be emailed to the depot. At the depot just plug in the file to moDis Connector and bingo! Your operational is still up and running even during connection down time.


  • More time to control and selling
  • Extend control to reach field operation
  • Increase selling quantity and more added value for outlet
  • Better market visibility
  • Natural filter for under performed salesmen


Sit back and relax! Get alert from this proactive reporting system

XY Based Report

Identify what is going on right away

The Reporting System in BOSNET Distribution features XY Based Report. It is provided so that you can see right away what is going on in the operation. In this example, you can see instantly your salesman performance. Many are in their Best Performance and some are Potential. Only one salesman with Poor Performance. And, another salesman is in the Lost Opportunity Quadran. Only when you need to see the details, you can look at the column-based report.

Active Report

Get essential reports delivered to you

Another feature of the Reporting System in BOSNET Distribution is Active Report. It has four components. The three are functions that deliver reports and one is the function to generate a common dataset. Firstly, it is the Standard Manual Report which is the most common way of reporting, still needed to this day. The second component is Depot Operational Monitoring (DOM) which its purpose is to build peer-pressure among operational officers. By displaying DOM on big screen TV, everyone’s performance can be seen by their colleagues, as the way to motivate them daily to achieve their maximum performance. The third component is Auto Alert that will automatically send an e-mail to the management in case there are certain conditions that needs attention. This will help reduce management time to do day-to-day monitoring, so that they can spend more time developing the business. The last component is the Dataset Generator that generates and supplies dataset for all the report delivery components. This way, even three different types of report will have the exact same data. And, with only one dataset generated, it is very efficient and effective.


  • Sit back and relax
  • Faster decision making
  • Peer pressure for everyday control and improvement
  • Build company culture, to act or speak based on data
  • Efficient cost of report development


Strong foundation for your distribution and future applications

Data Synchronization

Data integrity for all of your depots

Even though connection cost has become cheaper and cheaper nowadays, there are still many depots where getting online connection are not visible. Usually the solution is to export-import the data, however it has several drawbacks : it must be manually monitored and can not guarantee the data integrity. Not with Data Synchronization solution of BES, it eliminates those drawbacks since its solution concept is to make the system running full online, only the data update is delayed.

Alphard System

A hybrid of web and windows system

Alphard System of BES is a hybrid system between web application and Windows application, such as Microsoft Excel. Thus, upgrade can be done centrally, but unlike a web application, Alphard System applications are very interactive such as using Microsoft Excel in order to handle quick paced depot operational. Additionally, the applications will still be running in case the connection between HQ and depot is down.

BOSNET Middleware

Manage all integrations in one place

Nowadays, in the internet era, integration with 3rd party applications is a must. There are several systems that commonly integrates with BOSNET Distribution, such as back-end supply chain, WMS Distribution Center, automatic PO ordering from modern market, back-end ERP and half-day taking order of BOSNET Mobile Distribution. So, BOSNET Middleware is designed to integrate BOSNET Distribution with your existing systems in the most efficient effort possible. It provides API based integration so that data reliability is always protected. It also provides a single place to manage all the integrations. For example, monitoring is done in a single display. So simple to manage.


  • Data integrity for all the depots
  • Save cost of distributing software updates
  • Reduce CAPEX
  • Save cost of bandwidth
  • Integrate your supply chain strategy with execution